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ventureLAB supports innovative entrepreneurs at all stages across York Region, Simcoe County, Muskoka District and in the GTA. ventureLAB is part of Ontario’s province-wide Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), sharing collaborative and innovative business supports to help create jobs and prosperity for Ontarians. ventureLAB develops strategic cross-sectoral “Partnerships of Purpose” with private sector, not-for-profits, academia and public sector organizations to deliver measurable impacts and progress against objectives, all in support of growing prosperous and innovative, sustainable communities.

communityBUILD is a program focused on developing a social innovation ecosystem in York Region. The program is supported by its four founding partners: ventureLAB, Seneca College, York University and United Way Toronto & York Region.
At communityBUILD’s heart is a community of mission-driven entrepreneurs focused on addressing major social issues, whether on a local or global scale. Supporting that community are the resources and supports created from the networks and knowledge of the founding partners. Together, these elements help to power a vibrant and impactful social innovation ecosystem.


Portuguese for Brigadier; it is a simple Brazilian chocolate bonbon, created in the 1940s. It is a very popular candy in Brazil and it is usually served as a dessert and at birthday parties. There are a number of versions of the origin of the name. The most popular is that it was named after Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, whose shape was reminiscent of that of some varieties of chocolate truffles.
“Mary’s Gourmet Brigadeiros are made using only the finest Belgian chocolates flavoured with only the freshest, natural ingredients. When Mary makes her Brazilian sweets you can almost taste the love and passion that went into their creation. Every Brigadeiro is hand-made with only the finest chocolates and natural flavours.”

Java Island
Welcome to the extraordinary world of Java Island Coffee Company’s unique coffees. With its fresh taste and tempting bouquet, Java Island carefully selects the finest blends of Arabica beans grown in the fertile and moist equatorial mountains around the world. Hand picked beans are blended, roasted and packaged air tight to assure a fresh cup of coffee.

For the past 20 years, Trim Tag Inc. @ has created the trims, labels and packaging that go on apparel, uniforms, and products. Trim Tag embraced the re-branding and design process.
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