Success Stories

President’s Choice General Merchandise Private Label Program
A successful private label program has become essential for Canadian retailers. For Loblaws, the President’s Choice brand aspires to meet or exceed their National Brand’s equivalent in quality. PC products offer consumers an alternative option at a less expensive price point.Print
Design Concept: The design approach was to create a classic look of innovation, elegance and sophistication. The principle display panel contained a grid consisting of photography and product information. The PC logo heads the visual hierarchy and a proprietary font was created to enhance the modern and minimal feel. Natural surfaces, textiles, gourmet food and plenty of white space contrasted by bold and vibrant colours were used to complete the look in photography.
PC Orange

Everyday Essentials General Merchandise Private Label Program
Design Concept: Everyday Essentials is an opening price point brand. Green (Pantone 368) is used consistently on all packages and labels. There is basic grid on the principal display panel with the Everyday Essentials logo boldly leading the way. The cut out product shot adds to the simple aesthetic of the design and is used strategically to convey the low cost price-point of the product.
Bold and compelling features and benefits are used on the front to sell the product and the side panels contain instructional photos. When possible, scaling down the amount of packaging adds to the perception of a low priced product.

Retail Ready Packaging 
Loblaws is the largest Canadian retailer in Canada with strict logistical and merchandising requirements for its nation-wide stores. My role was to design, implement and manage a point of purchase display system designed to properly merchandise and differentiate private label products, ultimately increasing sales.
Design Concept: The corrugated system needed to accommodate several requirements as follows: Maximize Shelf Space –  Six boxes were designed in modular format to contain product and fit shelves at store level. One of two sticker options is used on the front of the box to identify brand and product through photography and graphics. Promote Consistency – All product vendors were given the six box options to accommodate their product. Box dielines were sent to vendor facilities to create a box adhering to approved standards. A single printer was used to print labels for all vendors. Ease Shipping and Merchandising Process – Outer shipping boxes were designed and provided to vendors. The idea was to have the vendor fill product, maximizing the capacity of the boxes and allowing easy placement of product on store shelves. Incorporate Trends – Colour and graphics can be varied for different brands and programs making the corrugated modular system truly universal. Brand and program strategies were designed in-house and executed by vendors.

President’s Choice Shrimp Program
The Black Shrimp program is part of the President’s Choice line of food products. My role as designer was to redesign the existing packaging.
Design Concept: The concept was to deliver an impactful package design that would instantly identify the product’s innovations and main selling features. The design grid consisted of styled product photography differentiating the shrimp and a hierarchy containing the selling features.
The product offerings are RAW ZIPPERBACK and COOKED and PEELED shrimp. ZIPPERBACK is a trademarked name describing the process of deveining shrimp. The COOKED and PEELED category is clearly distinguished with different coloured packaging and serving instructions beneath the name of the product.

President’s Choice Train Set Program
Part of the President’s Choice line of products, the PC Train Set program was originally marketed in the Loblaws Insider Report and gained instant notoriety with train collectors. My role as designer was to continue the tradition that train collectors had come to know and appreciate about the product.
Bullet Nose
Design Concept: The design concept was intended to evoke emotion and excitement for the product by emphasizing the locomotive engines and depicting the era and environment in which the trains were originally produced. The limited production run created a very active and enduring after-market for these highly sought collectibles.

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